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Do you remember that Folgers commercial? You know, the one where a young man named Peter comes home during the holidays with a arm full of presents.

Remember how he gets there early, before every one is awake? He gets out of the car, its cold, snow is on the ground.

The commercial took place in 1986, so it has been around a while.

Peter enters the house. I guess he still has a key!

His little sister comes down stairs and tells him, “everyone is still asleep.”

Do you remember what he said?

“I know how to wake them up.”

He then begins to make coffee, Folgers of course.

Slowly the smell of fresh brewed coffee waffs over the entire house and his parents begin to wake up. Of course, there are smiles, laughter and hugs!


November reminds us of Thanksgiving and the holidays. You may not be brewing Folgers coffee, but you are sharing special moments with your family.

A time like that can be stressful already without worrying about your home being clean for guests.

Don’t stress about the Thanksgiving! We got your covered.

You have enough to worry about, right? Guests, food, and lots of laughter go hand in hand, but so does a clean home!

You worry about the food and the guests, we will take care of the cleanliness.

Let one our team members clean your home, and take some stress of your plate!

We have November appointments for home cleanings. Here are those dates:

November 2nd
November 4th
November 7th
November 13th
November 27th
November 30th

All November appointments are filled! Thank you

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