Residential Cleaning Services

Franklin, Brentwood & Spring Hill, TN areas

Every job includes maid service

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Regular Cleaning

Starting at $150

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Deep Clean

Starting at $250 - Paid up front

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We Cover All Your Needs

At Trendy, we offer premium residential cleaning services. We go beyond the industry standard for cleaning and include complimentary maid service with all our residential cleaning jobs!

Each cleaning job requires an estimate. 

To contact us for a residential cleaning estimate, please fill out the form below.

Maid Service Included

A Trendy Maid Service is when we help out busy customers with some light tidying up.

We may pick up a few toys or put pillows and blankets back on the couch. Other tasks include making up your bed, clean the dishes in your sink, or taking out the trash.

Complimentary one-bed change.

$10 per bed for each additional bed.

Excessive tidying may incur a fee.

Below are additional services we offer that are purchased separately:

  • Laundry services

     $45; Porch Pick up:

    • 4-5 bags, one load per bag;
    • loads washed & returned in new, clean bags
    • dropped off on your porch
  • Oven cleaning

    Starts at $45

  • Refrigerator cleaning

    Starts at $45

  • Home organization

    Estimate required

  • Gardening

    Estimate required

  • Deep clean

    Starting at $250 - Paid up front

  • Personal Concierge

    Starts at $25 per hour per person

  • Pet Care

    $60  - Half a day and night in home 

We service Franklin, Brentwood, and Nashville, Lewisburg, and Columbia, TN areas.

$10 travel fee for jobs in Nashville.

Pet Friendly

We know that your home is more than just a place at Tennessee Trendy Cleaning Service. We are committed to keeping your living space spotless, even for your pets.

We are a pet-friendly cleaning service that takes pride in not only cleaning your home with precision and care but also showering your beloved pets with the attention and affection they deserve.

Count on us to make your home a pristine haven for all family members, both human and furry. Our services at Tennessee Trendy Cleaning Service go beyond just cleaning houses.

We love your pets!

COVID Cleaning

Tennessee Trendy Cleaning offers hand-touch COVID cleaning. This is where we actually hand clean all surfaces with proper Covid approved cleaner. Prices vary depending on the job. In-person quote required.

Biohazard Cleaning

Tennessee Trendy Cleaning offers many types of biohazard cleaning. These services range from commercial to residential. We service our jobs with all proper disinfectant cleaners. We also follow up with the removal of all biohazard materials.

Cancellation Fee

There is a $25 cancellation fee

Deep Cleans

Deep cleans require payments up front.

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