Tennessee Trendy Cleaning

New name and new to the Franklin Tennessee area

Trendy Cleaning Services is now Tennessee Trendy Cleaning Services. We are happy to relocate to the Franklin, Tennessee, area!

Owner Victor Barth and his wife Crystal have been enjoying their time in their new town.

Since being in Tennessee, they have enjoyed exploring various outdoor locations. In a recent message, Crystal had this to say,

“Good afternoon everyone, Crystal here with Tennessee Trendy Cleaning. I wanted to take a minute and talk about our experience here in Tennessee since we’ve relocated. It has been amazing going on so many adventures hiking, looking at waterfalls, there’s canoeing here.”

Crystal and Victor on the way to a cleaning job
Crystal and Victor on the way to a cleaning job

“It’s just amazing how beautiful Tennessee is. We’re located out of Franklin, but we are servicing all of the surrounding areas. So don’t be afraid to reach out to us for an appointment. We’d love to give you a free estimate.”

“So just message our page and thank you to everyone who continues to follow Tennessee Trendy Cleaning.”

You can learn more about the Trendy services on our Residential Services page. We also offer commercial cleaning services.  Learn more about Trendy on our About page.

Do you need to make an appointment for a free quote? Simply fill out our form on the Contact page or the one in the footer below. We take payments in a variety of ways. We try our best to simplify the process and make it easier for you.

At Tennessee Trendy Cleaning Services, we desire to help deliver a sense of renewal and tranquility.

Walking into a home that we freshly clean is truly a sensory experience. We add the “wow” factor to every job!

Here’s how Trendy is different: maid service is included in all our cleaning jobs. Our customers deserve to be pampered. We eliminate the stress of prep work and happily take the initiative to make your home look fantastic.

Contact us and let us deliver a sense of renewal and tranquility for your family!

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